We are the only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation where training of advisers on dangerous goods is conducted.
30 May 2022
One of the requirements of international regulations regarding the transport of dangerous goods is the training of personnel whose activities are related to dangerous goods. These rules also determine the categories of people who must be trained.

For example, ADR requires every company engaged in the transport of dangerous goods by road to have a specially trained person - an adviser in safe transport of dangerous goods.
The International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association, almost since its foundation in 2001, has certified more than 3,000 advisers in the transport of dangerous goods for various companies and organizations in Russia and abroad.

One of the important aspects of confirming the qualifications of an Adviser and his ability to ensure safety when working with dangerous goods is his certification.
"IDGCA" NP conducts such certification within the framework of a specially developed procedure, regardless of the examinations conducted by training centers.

Certification procedure includes not only a test of knowledge of the Rules, but also the ability to apply them in practice. In this regard, the certification commission of the Association considers the job descriptions of an applicant for the title of adviser and his practical experience in working with dangerous goods. The international practice of certification of experts, advisers and other responsible persons provides for the separation of training specialists and their certification. The International Association follows this practice.

"IDGCA" NP has a consultative status in the UN Subcommittee of Experts and today is the only independent international organization that carries out such certification in Russia. The results of the certification of the next group will be published on Tuesday, May 31.