We are the only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation where training of advisers on dangerous goods is conducted.

Training of dangerous goods inspectors
Training of dangerous goods inspectors
22 February 2023

The ISTC is one of the few educational institutions that trains inspectors, both in the category of civil servants and departmental ones, who are entrusted with the functions of controlling the transport of dangerous goods.

For more than 15 years, the ISTC has repeatedly trained and assessed employees of Rostransnadzor, customs authorities, port control inspectors and inspectors of large Russian and foreign companies.

The practice of training and retraining has shown the need for regular advanced training of the inspectors, and this is understandable, since international rules and guidelines are reissued every 2 years and new requirements are introduced into them, and sometimes new chapters.

The ISTC, with the methodological assistance of IDGCA NP, updates the training programs, which makes it possible to bring the latest requirements to our students.

At the end of March, the next training of inspectors under the 40-hour program is planned.

Those who wish to study can send an application.

15 June 2022
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