Participation in development of the international standards

We are the only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation where training of advisers on dangerous goods is conducted.
4 October 2018
NP IDGCA continues active participation in development of the international standards within activity of Technical committee of the International Organization for Standardization of ISO/TC 220 - Cryogenic vessels (Cryogenic vessels). On October 3 to the Secretariat of the Russian committee - the member of ISO (the Secretariat of ROSISO) experts of Association have sent a positive review concerning the DRAFT AMENDMENT ISO 21013-4:2012/DAM 1 project (The draft of amendments to ISO 21013-4:2012). International ISO 21013-4:2012 of Cryogenic vessels — Pilot operated pressure relief devices — Part 4: Pressure-relief accessories for cryogenic service concerns a design, approval and operation of devices for dumping of pressure of cryogenic vessels. In the draft of amendments according to which vote is taken, in particular, restriction on the content of copper in constructional materials of the valves working in the environments containing acetylene up to 65% that is very important for ensuring explosion safety of the cryogenic equipment is specified. Remark of experts of NP IDGCA is placed in the electronic system of vote of ISO. Cooperation of Association with Technical committee ISO/TC 220 - Cryogenic vessels is getting special relevance in connection with increasing of number and amount of the projects connected with transportation and processing of liquefied natural gas.