Training of Specialists in various areas

We are the only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation where training of advisers on dangerous goods is conducted.
29 September 2022

From September 26 to September 30, the International Staff Training Center (ISTC) is training specialists whose activities are related to the transportation of dangerous goods. The program includes issues of transportation of dangerous goods by tankers, safety management and ship security.

The Training Center is constantly improving training programs and introducing new tools recommended by international organizations in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Almost every training program in various areas includes a special topic of risk management and risk-assessment.

Currently, the groups are being formed for training on a special training course prepared with the methodological assistance of the International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association, for specialists of enterprises and organizations engaged in the manufacture of packaging. It includes topics such as classification and labeling of dangerous goods; requirements for the design, manufacture and testing of packagings; requirements for certification of production and production of serial products, and others.