Training of specialists

We are the only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation where training of advisers on dangerous goods is conducted.
26 September 2022

For 2 weeks, from August 15 to 26, 24 employees of enterprises engaged in handling of dangerous goods were trained at the ISTC. The training combined classroom studies and classes using telecommunication technologies.

Course graduates who have successfully passed the exams and meet the requirements for advisers in the transport of dangerous goods in terms of work experience are presented for certification in the International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association.

The next Dangerous Goods Handling Training Course will take place from 5 to 9 September. In addition, at the end of September, specialists will be trained in a comprehensive program that includes blocks related to the protection of ships and port facilities, security management, as well as health and environmental protection.

The International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association is currently the only organization in Russia that certifies advisers.