We are the only educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation where training of advisers on dangerous goods is conducted.
25 January 2023

Qualitative advanced training of the management and engineering staff of the enterprise, whose activities are related to the operation of hazardous production facilities and the transportation of dangerous goods, is not an easy task for any educational institution. The task becomes even more challenging when students have decades of experience working at the most complex facilities, and their knowledge is at a high professional level. That is why our center carefully prepares for any courses and tries to give students something new that increases their level of professional knowledge.

The relaxation in the pandemic requirements allowed the training center to conduct classes directly on the rooms of the center, which, of course, made it possible for direct communication between teachers and trainees, although it is fair to say that distance learning using modern technologies also gives trainees who are thousands of miles away from St. Petersburg a wide opportunity to listen to lectures, participate in program discussions, and take exams.

From January 16 to January 20, the first classes in the new 2023 were held in St. Petersburg. Two large companies, Sakhalin Energy LTD and EuroChem Terminal Ust-Luga LTD, sent their specialists to the International Staff Training Center (ISTC) to improve their skills in handling dangerous goods and receive the title of dangerous goods advisor, which is awarded to trainees who have successfully passed exams and passed certification at the International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association. Moreover, specialists from EuroChem Terminal Ust-Luga, LTD were trained online, while specialists from Sakhalin Energy, LTD were trained directly at the training center.

Thanks to communication with representatives of such companies, ISTC teachers receive new information, which will be used in the future in organizing the next courses. The next training of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors is scheduled from 13 to 17 February 2023.