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Dangerous goods safety advisor

Dangerous goods safety advisor

A Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) is a consultant, owner, or employee of an organization whose activities involve the transport, loading and unloading, and storage of dangerous goods.

The duties of an adviser include consulting the head of the organization, risk assessment of upcoming operations with dangerous goods, preparing accident reports, monitoring the company's activities related to dangerous goods, preparing and checking transport documents.

The safety adviser must undergo special training program approved by the certifying organization and certification.

The candidate must have a higher or specialized secondary education, or at the time of his or her studies he or she must be trained in higher or specialized secondary education.

ISTC provides training for advisers on the Advanced Training Program «Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser» approved by the International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association (NP «IDGCA»). The duration of the course is 40 ac. hours.

Candidates for the title of adviser after successfully completing courses at an educational institution are certified by the International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association and receive a certificate of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser, the duration of the adviser certificate is 5 years. Upon expiry of the certificate, the status of the advisor is terminated. Information on certified advisers is posted on the official website of the Association.

The training of DGSA is carried out both according to schedule and as the training groups are formed. ISTC has implemented a flexible system for determining the cost of training of advisers. For members of NP «IDGCA» training and certification are carried out on preferential terms.